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Brand Identity & 3D Design

Sol Kombucha

Project Overview

Sol Kombucha is a kombucha brand based in Miami, FL and their mission is to create a kombucha integrated with some Latin flavors to highlight the diversity in their city. I focused on fusion of tropical fruits as well as iconic illustration for easily identifiable packaging where each flavor has its own design. I also created a custom 3D model for the bottle design. 


Brand Identity 


Layout Design

3D Design

Final Deliverables

Label 03_Guava Pineapple
Label 03_Mango Passionfruit
Label 03_Label 02 copy 8

My Favorite Details


I included these icons as part of the flavor descriptions to make identifying the flavors easy peasy since the primary text is in Spanish and the secondary text under that is English. 



Sol, meaning sun in Spanish, is the face of the brand linking it to Latin roots. The brand identity for Sol Kombucha was developed with Miami, FL and all its Latin culture and tropical flare in mind. The logomark includes a sun setting over the horizon which is a sight commonly found on South Florida shores.

The flavors are labeled in Spanish to target the large Latin community in Miami who are all familiar with the flavor combinations, as well as highlight the Latin community in other markets outside of Miami. 



After making the brand and labels, I wanted the bottle to be the perfect shape so I decided to create my own 3D model. I researched some popular kombuchas and their bottle shapes as well as other glass bottled drinks. 


I explored many options through curvature, texture/groove, and width. I decided to push the design further and focus on a bottle that would be slimmer and comfortable to hold.

Bottle Process.png


I created the brand style guide to collect all the brand identity into one place so that it could be maintained for future expansion of this brand. 

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