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Soapies - Emotional Soap

March 31 - April 14, 2020


I was tasked with a branding and packaging project to create a bar soap brand to be sold at the Lady's First Soap Shop in Key West, FL. This brand had reflect the research and ideas of Dr. Plutchik, a psychologist who connected colors to emotional states. I decided to create an emotional soap character called a "soapie" that would demonstrate an emotion while also displaying the corresponding color found on Dr. Plutchik's chart (seen below). 


Package Design

Brand Identity 




I developed the final package sizing and layout through trial and error, as pictured on the right. My goal was to continue the emotional experience throughout the entirety of the package, therefore I chose to make the box 2 parts. The user would be able to view the emotional interior as well as exterior display. The package fits a standard soap bar. 

Soap Packaging


I printed the box templates on the highest level of quality material available to me in my school's design studio. I cut them out and constructed them paying attention to craftsmanship and detail. 


I started in my sketch book jotting down my ideas. I went through a lot of different visuals and finally decided on this figure. I wanted something to portray the emotion I chose to work with while also incorporating the colors from the chart you see below. I also aimed to achieve a high level of detail by utilizing all printable areas of the package.

Scan Feb 25, 2020_Page_07
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