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Utility App

March 2 - April 14, 2020


This project was focused on developing a utility app that could be used on a daily basis. I was tasked with creating my idea into a functional prototype, including the user interface and brand identity, through one user flow. Nutrish is an app that helps users track the nutritional content in their diets, focusing on the achievement of their personal goals. The user flow I decided to focus on was logging a meal and viewing the nutritional value. 


Brand Identity 

UI Design 

Prototype - Figma


I chose to make the branding bright and clean in order to maintain an easy-to-read and use system. The contrast between the main colors, as seen to the right, is strong when placed on a white background. The app icon is green to highlight the values of the brand as well as connect Nutrish to the healthy world. 



I created a click-through video to show how users will interact with the app. 


Here is a link to a live prototype.

Flat Mockup 02
Flat Mockup


I exported each screen separately to document each page in detail and to focus on the layout rather than the user interface. 

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Search - Salmon
Add Meal - Salmon 2
Add Meal - Jasmine Rice 1
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