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Multi-Narrative Book

You Have Made Your Mark

Project Overview

This was the first time I ever designed and created a saddle-stitched book. The assignment in class was to create a multi-narrative book that would include my own thoughts/response as well as the entire Declaration of Independence. I decided to twist the declaration to fit the needs of Earth declaring its independence from the human race. 


Layout Design 


Creative Writing

Book Creation

Final Print

I printed out the physical book and cut out each page with a high level of craftsmanship. No mock-ups needed! 

My Favorite Details

This book was fun through every step: ideas, drawing, printing, creating textures, everything! 


It's the overlay for me!


Repeating patterns are so yummy


Yes, it took a while to get the permanent marker off my fingers

Book Cover.png

So thankful for my iPad <3

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