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App Design

Easy Foodie

Project Overview

The focus for this project was to find a way to aid a social issue important to me, and I chose the lack of millennial presence in the kitchen. After much research, I found that convenience is most important when it comes to food. Easy Foodie is an app targeted towards the younger millennial audience that provides accessible recipes that are quick and beginner-friendly. The user flow I designed was the user finding their way to a recipe from the home page to a specific recipe collection. 


UI / UX Design

Prototype - Figma

Brand Identity 


I created a click-through video to show how users will interact with the app. 

IG Profile
IG Post


I chose to make the branding with fresh and bright colors with the main focus on green. The thick sans serif typeface illustrates a playful identity while harmoniously syncing with the roundness of the illustrations and waves displayed throughout the app. 

Easy Foodie-04.png

Research & Rationale

The intersection of food access I researched is millennials with too much food access which in turn causes them to choose the easiest source: online ordering. 

Process & Final Thoughts

I explain the detailed changes I made and reasoning behind them. Some are small or subtle changes, but useful because they create a visual difference and experience for the user. 

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