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Album Identity Redesign

The Brook & The Bluff: First Place 

Project Overview

The Brook & The Bluff's First Place album is one of my favorite albums so it was quite a challenge redefining a look that I have been used to associating their music with. I dissected the lyrics, created connections, and many sketches to reach the final version that I am really proud of. I also created a tour poster as well as Spotify mockups with my designs. 



Brand Identity 

Layout Design 

Research & Process

Before deciding my creative route, I did some general research on food, identity, culture & health and their relations. 


While listening to the album from start to finish, I wrote down keywords, feelings, and lyrics that stood out to me. 

Brook and Bluff MindMap.png


This is a magical part of the process— anything is possible! My experimentations in my sketches brought me to bring together the most harmonious details to best communicate the album's vibe. 

Sketches 01_Page_1.jpg


They liked it!


The Brook & The Bluff reposted my post on their story!!!!


The designer of their original artwork, a member of their production company, and some of my friends showing their love :)


My proud sister replied to their story and here's what they said ! 

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